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            GD (NYSE) $189.41 September 12, 2019 04:02PM

            Marine Systems

            The Marine Systems group designs, builds and repairs complex ships

            Our shipyards design, build and repair nuclear-powered submarines, surface combatants, auxiliary and combat-logistics ships and commercial Jones Act ships. With locations on both U.S. coasts, we have a long history as one of the primary shipbuilders for the U.S. Navy, constructing, delivering and maintaining the next generation of platforms.

            Bath Iron Works has delivered the world's most formidable ships, like the Arleigh Burke- and Zumwalt-class vessels, to naval and commercial fleets since 1884.

            Electric Boat is a premier submarine builder. We have delivered 15 of the U.S. Navy's 19 classes of nuclear submarines.

            NASSCO specializes in the design and construction of auxiliary and support ships, oil tankers and dry cargo carriers. It is also a major provider of repair services for the U.S.